On the news you read more often about Rubbernecking, for example, “‘Rubbernecking’ drivers may have cost lives in Bavaria bus crash“ (https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/rubbernecking-drivers-may-have-cost-lives-in-bavaria-bus-crash-1.3143144 09/01/2017). But why got this phenomenon popular?

Curiosity is part of human nature, that means things that are out of the ordinary come to the fore.

Each incident, no matter which, is emphasized/highlighted in today’s media. The people lose the reference of what is okay, and what isn’t. Many people want to get more popular on platforms such as social media, so they use this event, to publish/spread this. For instance, Snapchat, here you could see what your friends do and you have the possibility to publish what has happened at the moment. Quickly this curiosity can turn into rubbernecking. Sometimes they obstruct the rescue services while they are working and the victims can sometimes suffer permanently from this situation. For victims is this situation, it can be very stressful and cause many problems.

This problem in Germany is a new dilemma, and they don’t know how they can deal with the problem.

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