Apple’s voice control is one of the most advanced language assistants worldwide. In addition, to standards such as playing music or setting an alarm clock, Siri can do some other things. For example, with the HomeKit integration from Apple, Siri is able to control one’s home, the difference is that you can only control the HomeKit app with the voice control, not directly through the devices on the HomeKit app. Siri has a lot of small useful features, such as calculating math problems quickly, and sending e-mails. Another useful feature is that you can find out what time it is in another time zone.

Siri works with different voices; those depend on the language. The special thing about the different voices is, however, that they can sound different naturally/ can appear naturally in different ways. As a result, the language assistant sounds more and more like a real person. Thereby, the user poses the questions different. If, for example, he has a typical computer voice, he says things differently to a natural-sounding voice. Moreover, Siri has another function, you can teach Siri how something is pronounced.  In particular,this is beneficial to the debate on names. This gives the user the feeling/ impression that he is talking to a real person rather than to a computer.

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