With the voice command “Ok, Google”, you can also control one’s Smart Home, as with some other providers. “Ok, Google” is, as you can guess from the name a command created by Google. The advantage of this voice control is that you can configure workflow configurations for example, “if this, then that”. It is possible to do the housework within one command, while the washing machine turns on and the mower starts. It is extremely easy to continue cooking/ cook, but even that can be controlled with the language assistant.

Supposedly, Google does not listen until the keyword/ catchword “Ok, Google” was said. It is possible, in any case, that all that is spoken is transmitted to Google. Using voice analysis algorithms so much more can be learned about the user. Now, when the voice analyzer is linked to the normal Google account, Google gets new ways to classify people into categories. If you now talk to a friend about the new smartphone and Google analyzes this, Google can display completely personalized advertisement for the respective user. Besides, it is also possible to analyze whom you like or dislike. It remains unclear what Google does with such information.

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