“Hey Google”, Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Bixby all have in common, they ought to facilitate daily life. But in how far do they really do this and what are the concerns that can occur?

With full access, the assistants can make everyday life easier and make life more comfortable. As people know from/ out of future films they desire/ expect to control by voice, when everything is simply spoken and happens immediately, what one hoped. In some cases, full dialogs are performed.

Nowadays the voice assistants have not yet been developed to such an extent as to lead independent dialogues. Up to now, the voice assistants only accept commands. We know some of the commands, for example, “play my favorite music.” After a short time, the music is going to sound from the loudspeaker. Even things like “Call mom” work problem-free, but when it comes to more complex voice calls, the voice assistants strike and refer to the Internet. Sometimes, a query is asked, in the case of the question “Write a message to Max”, it asks “What is the content of the message” or “Who is Max?” In some cases, this leads to a problem of understanding, which must be solved.